The KNALGEEL approach

Building something beautiful together

Your idea

It all starts with your brilliant idea. Whether it’s for a new app, a new website, a backend process, or a smart intermediate solution. In an introductory meeting, we shake hands. Do we believe in your idea and do you believe in KNALGEEL? Then we shake hands again. It's go time..

The brains

We get to work on your idea. We see and analyze the pitfalls, the solutions, the areas for improvement, the beautification. How can we get just a little bit more out of the idea? Whatever the challenge may be, we start thinking and sketching. We share our thoughts and concepts with you. If we’re all on the same page, we move on to the next phase.

The builders

Building is in our DNA. We set up the framework, add content, and execute what we’ve agreed on. And maybe even a little bit more. We’re happy to deliver a result that not only works but that the right people also want to use. We agree on which steps you want to see in between, and we always know how to find each other when we have questions or need to brainstorm. Your idea, big or small, becomes a reality. Delivered just the way you want it.


After the build, the ball is back in your court. You have control over your brand new world improver – and enjoy total control. With our own maintained Athena, you can make changes and additions to your front-end and back-end, app or website in no time. Need significant adjustments or further development? We’ve likely already made agreements about that. If not, we’ll do it now and continue to work together. This way, you can also respond quickly in the long term.

The boosters

Congratulations, the foundation is laid! But there's always room for improvement. Because as great as our collective result may be, a brilliant idea is of no use if nobody comes into contact with it. Thanks to our knowledge of user funnels, social media strategy, and smart *growth hacking*, we ensure an attention-grabbing and attractive effect on your product. We are happy to support you in the next step. Activate the boosters!

Can we get a bit more technical?

Of course. KNALGEEL specializes in building and thinking along with native and hybrid apps, written in React Native, Ionic, and Swift. We also use the latest techniques for websites. Our framework is built on Laravel. Upon delivery, you will have control over our simple and powerful Athena, in which adjustments can be made in a snap. Do you want to use a different toolset? Of course, we can discuss that. We are flexible and happy to think along with you.

KNALGEEL is here for your

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