A good place is half the work: we work in a coworking space

By Katja Poltavets

At an average office, you quickly envision an old-fashioned, dusty space. Endless corridors with small, individual cubicles on both sides. Here and there a yellow post-it, but a truly attractive working atmosphere is hard to find. Not very motivating. Add the nine-to-five mentality to this, and you have our nightmare. Fortunately, we are not the only ones who think this way, so why make it difficult when we can do it together?

In the 1990s, the term coworking was introduced as a solution to the 'lonely work bubble'. And with success; more and more entrepreneurs and their startups work together under the roofs of various coworking spaces. And we are fans. Since 2016, we have been the proud 'residents' of a beautiful work island in coworking space Launch Cafe, located on Herestraat in the heart of Groningen. And this goes much further than just having your own office chair and a shared coffee machine.

“You walk in and really just need to open your laptop”

When you are looking for a workspace, you naturally want to get to work as quickly as possible. A coworking space takes a lot of work off your hands; a printer is ready for you, lunch is arranged, and even your packages are received for you. You walk in and really just need to open your laptop. In addition, there are no fixed check-in times, so you can start at any possible time. Very nice if you are not a morning person ;)

A coworking space naturally comes with a community. You become part of an inspiring group of entrepreneurs with specializations in various fields. Programmers, journalists, communication professionals; something for everyone. In addition to being the perfect place to think up and create beautiful things, it's also ideal for brainstorming with each other. In the well-known coffee corner, at the large lunch table, or on one of the hipster Chesterfields.

Thanks to the community, you are surrounded by coziness all day long. Do you value your privacy more? Then you can inquire about a private space in the building. Often there are - in addition to the regular places - closed offices that you can fully furnish according to your own wishes. Here you can work undisturbed, but keep in mind that this comes with a higher price tag.

“People work really hard, but laugh just as hard”

KNALGEEL loves people. And especially their ideas. That's why we become more positive, creative, and productive from our workplace. But East West, KNALGEEL Best; our island remains our favorite spot. Thanks to the short lines of communication, we can switch quickly and work like a charm. We are accompanied daily by a rotating globe and our 2-meter tall office plant. People work really hard, but laugh just as hard. Luckily, because if you love your workplace, you'll love your work even more.

Written by
Katja Poltavets

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