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Rebranding: Why and how?

Rebranding is the repositioning of your brand. There are many reasons for repositioning a brand...

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Tone of voice: so ehhh.... how dost thou do that?

Would your target audience recognize your texts without seeing your company name or logo? And are your posts unique on...

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App icons: You don't get a second chance to make a first impression

It's Monday night and you're on your phone and are a little bored. You open the app store to look...

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A website or app for people with disabilities

The regular level of usability of an app or website is not suitable for all users. If...

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Is my idea any good?

An idea is one thing, but developing it into a concept and then into a successful final product is underestimated by many. Before a...

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Do I need a Customer Messaging Platform?

Well-organized customer communication is essential for a successful business...

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A good place is half the work: we work in a coworking space

At a typical office, you quickly envision an old-fashioned, dusty space. Endless corridors with small...

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