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Even if the gas tap is turned off: Groningers must prepare for years of earthquakes. Even a severe earthquake of 4.5 on the Richter Scale cannot be ruled out.

Schadewacht is there to make it easier for Groningers. An idea that KNALGEEL is happy to contribute to.

With the Schadewacht app for Android and iPhone, you can easily make a legally valid zero measurement of your home. The app takes you by the hand in going through your home inside and out, lets you take photos and saves everything in a dossier in the app. Then it's just one tap to put it on paper and make the zero measurement legally valid. Directly from the app.

In this way, Schadewacht is not only useful for people living in the earthquake area, but for everyone. Next to you, a lot is being built? Your home shows signs of aging? Making a zero measurement is always smart.

To ensure that it is also easy, Schadewacht teamed up with KNALGEEL. We turned the idea into an app that every layman can use and wants to use.

How did the idea for Schadewacht arise?

Sebastiaan Kremer: "The creator of Schadewacht, Alex, is a bailiff. As a side activity, he draws up deeds of observation. At the beginning of the earthquake problems in Groningen, he realized how important it is to collect evidence. It was a calculation: there are too many houses and too few bailiffs. We needed a scalable solution. That's how the idea for the app was born."

What did KNALGEEL do for you?

'KNALGEEL contributed to the solution that needed to be found. Not only technically, but also procedurally. They proactively thought about elements that we had not yet considered: making the interface user-friendly, but also small practical things. That applies to the app and the backend. Now we have a well-functioning, user-friendly and simple app. We had the big picture. KNALGEEL filled in the details well.'

Where did we surprise you?

'An enthusiastic and flexible attitude. KNALGEEL indicated things that took away uncertainty. They pointed out where we were good, and where we still needed to think about. I haven't seen that with other parties. Not only executing the assignment, but also giving feedback on the current situation."

The last obligatory question: would you recommend us?

'To entrepreneurs and companies who want to have an app with a sharp price/quality ratio - and where you get more quality for the price you pay. It is clear that KNALGEEL not only wants to create something, but also wants to create something beautiful and good. To create impact.'

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