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Planmeister is the end of endless phone calls, stress and unnecessarily standing machines. Planmeister supports planners and other hard workers in the GWW in completing their planning, optimally using their own equipment, saving costs and reducing their CO2 footprint.

The people behind Planmeister experienced firsthand how much time and stress it can take to complete a planning. They saw the need for a platform or tool that quickly shows where each machine is located and who has a machine available nearby. Building Planmeister took more than a year, but the result is certainly worth it.

The platform is full of features that planners are looking for, such as searching for machines at their location instead of their headquarters. Cranes can also be selected by weight and all attachments can be selected with just a few clicks. For professionals, filters can be used for frequently used gate instructions needed to enter large construction sites, among other things.

We can name even more functions, but ultimately it comes down to knowing who/what, where and when.

What idea/challenge did this client bring to KNALGEEL?

The Planmeister team approached KNALGEEL with the challenge of developing a platform or tool that quickly provides insight into the location of machines and who has a machine available nearby. They wanted a solution for the time-consuming and stressful planning in the GWW sector, which also aids in the optimal deployment of equipment, cost savings, and reducing the CO2 footprint.

Why was KNALGEEL specifically asked to realize this?

Planmeister came to KNALGEEL because of their fresh perspective on design & development. Additionally, they have access to highly experienced and skilled developers capable of handling the complex architecture and technical challenges of Planmeister.

What did the team look like? (KNALGEEL + client) How did the team tackle the issue?

The team consisted of Roban and Han from KNALGEEL and Kor, Harm, Riekie, and Anouk from Planmeister. The team tackled the issue by adopting an agile approach. This means working in 2-week sprints on a functioning product. At the end of each sprint, a demo is presented to the Planmeister team. In this way, a product has been created that fully meets the wishes of Planmeister.

What is the end result? What has been done to get here? What are the outstanding wishes for the future?

The end result is Planmeister, a platform with functionalities that help planners efficiently plan and organize equipment and personnel in the GWW sector. Some features include searching for machines by location, selecting cranes by weight, and filtering professionals by gate instructions. To achieve this result, the KNALGEEL and Planmeister teams worked on the development of the platform for over a year. In the future, Planmeister aims to continue improving to provide an optimally innovative, problem-solving, and suitable product for the client. The ultimate goal is to become the market leader within the GWW sector and ensure that no machine ever stands idle unnecessarily.

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