Attention to what makes a home special

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Makelaardij de Flinten
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De Flinten is a real estate agency located in a village called Sleen in the municipality of Coevorden. It is a family business that operates in the real estate market, particularly guiding clients in selling and purchasing homes, commercial properties, and new construction.

This family business sought a solution that would allow them to present themselves to the world in an imaginative and fitting way. The wheel did not need to be reinvented, but it did need to roll very smoothly and in a visually attractive manner.

"Attention to what makes a home special" is their motto. What if we apply this to their website as well?

With what idea/challenge did this client approach KNALGEEL?

The website and automation under the hood were in need of renewal and a fresh look. It was time for a modern and fitting appearance. But it was equally important to develop a highly usable, flexible, and automated Content Management System (CMS), which also has to rely on a connection to the RealWorks API.

What did the team look like? (KNALGEEL + client) How did the team tackle the issue?

This project came about through the joint efforts of Sido Wetting (one of our favorite photographers), Peter, Leny, Kris, and Esmee from Makelaardij de Flinten (through the passion with which they run their business and convey it to us). This, in our opinion, is an important point on which a project stands or falls; the extent to which the client is part of the team. Roban then took care of the acquisition, project management, and design. And finally, Johannes took on the programming work.

Why was KNALGEEL specifically asked to realize this?

Because of our experience in development and design, but also because we understand how a website or application connects to people and businesses. Automation often takes over tasks from a person, and the challenge is to do that in a way that is intuitive and a real addition. Besides that, we like to bring a fresh perspective on development and design.

What is the end result? What has been done to achieve this?

The result is a solid and stylish website where the user/customer is key. As obvious as it may sound, continuously shifting your perspective into the end user, and adjusting the functionality and flow accordingly, often yields great results. In addition, the broker can easily monitor the flow of data that comes in via the API, and adjust it where necessary. The broker also has the ability to work completely outside the API when it comes to managing properties, silent sales, articles and users of the application.

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