Actions speak louder than

These are the cool things we have done so far

We love innovating, improving, and looking ahead. We love turning brilliant ideas into amazing products. Of course, we could say it all over again, but we prefer to show actions that speak louder than words. We are proud of the work we have done:


Supporting planners in the GWW


Planmeister is the end of endless phone calls, stress and unnecessarily unused machines. Planmeister supports planners and other hard workers in the GWW in completing their planning, optimally using their own equipment, saving costs and reducing their CO2 footprint.

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Attention to what makes a home special

Makelaardij de Flinten

De Flinten is a real estate agency located in a village called Sleen in the municipality of Coevorden. It is a family business that operates in the real estate market, particularly guiding clients in selling and purchasing homes, commercial properties, and new construction.

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Record damage with an app


With the Schadewacht app for Android and iPhone, you can easily make a legally valid zero measurement of your home. Take photos, make notes, and make the document legally valid with one tap. Not only useful for the earthquake area in Groningen...

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Freeing Companies from Legacy ICT


Thanks to Deskk, companies no longer need to invest in outdated and sluggish ICT structures. How? By means of a smart system on which you can log in anywhere and anytime. And our super simple dashboard from which all ICT matters can be arranged. A director could do it.

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Helping ALS patients

Thuiszorg Dichtbij Rimote

With the 'Wat ALS' app, ALS specialists can help patients more easily and effectively. The app provides a work of reference with all information about every body part that can be affected by the muscle disease.


The AVG (GDPR) in your pocket

Verdonck, Klooster & Associates Rimote

The European legislation regarding privacy, the AVG (or GDPR), is causing concerns for companies. With information about the various themes within the GDPR and handy checklists, the GDPR Toolkit guides business owners, Privacy Officers, and employees.

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